4X12 8ohms and 4X12 16ohms question ?

Discussion in 'Cabinets & Speakers' started by Kelia, Sep 15, 2019.

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    Something else smoked your SS amp. You can do that more than momentarily.
    Ive dealt with many many SS amps including PA ones for nearly 40 years. I never met one that could NOT run without a load. No load is like infinity. It is fine.

    Ex. From all about circuits.
    Solid-state amp (almost always) have no signal transformers and have a low output impedance, looking simply like a voltage amplifier, so whether they have a load or not has little effect on the signal output voltage, and thus they are not damaged by no load

    They have a minimum impedance and that also is at full or high levels as mentioned. At lower levels you can get away with it. Not that I would do it.
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    Maybe I mentioned this in another thread but pay attention to intended use and manufacturrere's intentions or it can kill your output stage.
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    You can call me what the fuck you like...
    ...but I'll only answer to Nik - so please yourself.
    We're blokes, we never read the damned instruction manual (except as a truly last resort...)
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    It was my VS65R.
    I changed the tube and then turned it on with the chassis out, forgetting that I had disconnected the integral speaker lead to allow the chassis movement.
    I saw an immediate wisp of smoke out of the corner of my eye and shut the amp off as soon as possible.
    To be honest I don't remember where the smoke came from (it was one of the ends), but something was burning.
    I reconnected the speaker and started up the amp and it has been fine ever since.

    So I'm not sure what it was, but something couldn't stand to operate without a load. EDIT* pretty sure it was on the far left side of the circuit board (as seen from the front).
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