2018 Gibson Les Paul Junior

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    View attachment 54205 52147C9A-0F92-4A14-ABE7-7B07E54D32F1.jpeg D81F1D1E-890B-49DF-9169-C78D24D5BF5D.jpeg 98170C7D-3D17-4CB0-9D4D-9672A631D40C.jpeg View attachment 54205 View attachment 54205 i wrote a review on this. Great guitar. Only reason I’m selling is I just bought a 2018 Custom Shop Les Paul junior. They are basically the same thing. Key points:

    Vintage specs

    50s neck

    Great build

    With original case

    Purchased from Chicago Music Exchange.

    ALL ORIGINAL. Includes original black Gibson USA case.

    $1100 shipped CONUS.

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