1960a hardwire for 16 ohm problem

Discussion in 'Cabinets & Speakers' started by Doug82, Feb 24, 2020.

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    Feb 24, 2020
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    I want to hardwire for 16 ohm. Cab is working, but one speaker is louder than the other 3. I figure it must be a problem with the switch? Do I need to replace the whole switch panel? Or can I just pretend the 16ohm input is the only input there and wire all four speakers off of it. I did that, but when I check ohms from a connected speaker cable it reads 26 ohms. I checked each speaker individually and they read 13.
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    Your shit is wired wrong

    13 is a reading from a "16 ohm" speaker

    A quad wired correctly should read 13-15ish ("16 ohm", series-parallel) or 3.something ohm ("4 ohm", parallel-parallel)

    You....probably have 3 speakers in series parallel to 1 speaker I guess???? With said 1 speaker being the loud one, and everything all wrong and well set to blow tube amps and/or speakers

    Correct wiring would be:
    4 ohm - parallel pair parallel with another pair
    16 ohm - two pairs in series, parallel to each other

    PS or actually NO, i have no friggin clue how you got to 26 with 4 identical 13 ohm speakers. Now if only HALF of them were working/connected, easy-peasy.... but how the heck do you get 4 speakers of identical resistance to double the resistance value of one is a gdam mystery that defies physics and maths! Take a picture!!!!
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    The best way is to buy the big black conical ‘witches hat’ from Marshall together with a new good quality jack.
    Remove the switch completely. The holes all line up and you can solder hard wire your speakers as you want (parallel series is how I do it , ymmv).

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