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Hayden Mofo Review

Here's my two penneth on the new amp from Hayden that I bought a couple of weeks ago for anyone who's interested -

I was impressed with the soft carry case, hand signed certificate and manually written serial number written on the amp (all in gold ink too!), less impressed with the accompanying instruction manual which was for Hayden's earlier hand-wired range of amps where the MoFo is not mentioned at all.

When examining the amp I heard a rattle coming from inside the chassis, sounding like something was loose and rolling around inside. After opening it up I found the culprit - one of the bolts securing the transformer to the chassis was lying completely loose - no trace of the nut though. I had a quick look in the carry case and found it so secured both nut and bolt onto the amp. I have no idea how the nut and bolt were loose but it was NOT a good start and something that doesn't inspire confidence in the quality control at Hayden! I also noticed that the power switch was back to front in that the "I" setting is off and the "O" setting is on - a minor quibble but something that should have been spotted before it was sent out of the factory. Also, you should be aware there's no Standby switch to warm the valves up before powering it up properly.

Anyway onto the sound of the amp! I will only be using the "UK" input option on the amp as that is the sound I want to get - the "US" input scoops the mids out and tightens up the bass, apparently, but doesn't interest me. At my band rehearsal I tried it through both my Marshall 2 x 12" 1936 cab and my 1 x 12" cab containing a Celestion G12H, using my SD Pearly Gates equipped Epi LP Custom. I was very impressed with the tone through both cabs, especially the 2 x 12" - a very nice natural sounding overdrive with plenty of low end that cleaned up well when rolling back the volume pot on my guitar, I had the gain up to around 70% and the tone was still fairly clear, I don't think this amp can get anywhere near metal-sounding unless distortion pedals are put in front of it. The "MoFo" channel does exactly as expected - adds more saturated distortion that sounds really good. To be honest I can see me using the MoFo channel for the majority of the stuff I play (classic blues/rock a la Skynyrd & ZZ Top) with my Seymour Duncan Pick-Up Booster pedal for solos but the channel still ain't heavy enough for Metallica etc.

The "stealth" switch on the amp which reduces the power and volume will be a God-send if you want to use the amp at low volumes but unsurprisingly it does affect the tone a bit by removing some of the harmonics etc. Overall I'm impressed with the sound but some of the construction was a little bit disappointing if I'm nit-picking.

I gigged with the amp at a fairly large pub (the Hastings Arms in Seaton Delaval) through my Marshall 1936 2 x 12" cab and my 2006 MIJ Tokai LS95F Les Paul and it was plenty loud unmiked - can't remember what the exact setting was for the master volume but there was plenty of room left if more loudness was required.

All in all - recommended!
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Re: Hayden Mofo Review

SO, did you put the nut and bolt back in, frankenstein?
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Re: Hayden Mofo Review

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