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How to fix/replace MG100DFX fan?

Hello all. I have an MG100 combo & when I turn it on the fan makes a lot of noise for about 40 seconds or so and then quiets. I have searched the net & found it to be a common problem with the MG series. I have seen comments that some just ignore it (as I have untill now), some hit it with WD40, and some have replaced it. I would like to at least try the WD40 & if that does not work, replace it.

Does anyone know how I get it opened to do that or have any other thoughts/suggestions on the problem? I started to pull some screws out this morning & then backed off & figured I'd try to get some input 1st. Thanks.
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Re: How to fix/replace MG100DFX fan?

You can wire in a replacement fan easily enough - I sourced a suitable replacement in a shop called Maplin - the equivalent of your Radioshack I'm guessing. As far as I recall you need to to a fan that works on 12V DC. I'll check the exact spec and come back to you. The replacement fan I put in is louder - not a problem since you can;t hear it when the amp is running loud. You need to be careful that the fan doesn;t stop working - the output power amp chip (IC1 on the small PCB) needs the heatsink to be cooled.
Hope this helps
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Re: How to fix/replace MG100DFX fan?

Easy fix for mine. I removed the fan from the heatsink, powered up and saw that it ran quiet like it's supposed to. I then realized that the buzzing noise was really a vibration between the heatsink and the fan. I reattached to the chassis making sure all four screws were firmly secured. I'm pretty certain that the heatsink isn't threaded for the screws. The screws are supposed to secure themselves by wedging in between the fins of the heatsink. You may want to see if this is the same for you.
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