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Marshall SL5

I've had my SL5 combo about a week now and we are getting along real well. I LOVE this amp. It really is top notch, and if you have seen the demo's and are considering buying one you wont be disappointed. I've been mainly playing a LP Classic through it so far, and this amp LOVES humbuckers. The clean channel is, in a word, amazing. With the volume maxed on the clean channel, the middle and rhythm pickup switch positions are incredible. Especially for single notes, or arpeggiated chords, it just really shines. The OD channel has tons of gain available. So many tonal varieties as you wind her up. Ryhthm playing sounds good on every thing from 1 all the way up, but for soloing she really comes alive around 7 or so. Obviuosly it a great amp design, no question about it. But what really takes this combo over the top is the Vintage 30 speaker. No need to worry about swapping out some crappy stock speaker. The amp also sounds great driving a 4x12 cab. Classic Marshall roar. Honestly I cant say enough good things about the amp. And even though its a sig amp, the array of tones available on both channels really does transcend the notion that it JUST sounds like Slash. You can really play with the knobs, volume, gain, pickups, have a wide array of tonal options. Two thumbs, way up Marshall!
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Darth Federer
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Re: Marshall SL5

Nice write up. I agree.
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Re: Marshall SL5

I'd love to hear it A/B'd with a 2554 1x12 Jubilee.
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Re: Marshall SL5

Well I can't speak for the 2554, but I do have the 2555SL. The SL5 is not as dark and thick as the jube. The SL5 has more gain available than the jube, and is more mid-rangy. Leads on the jube are glassy, smooth. SL5 leads are more saturated and....bitey. Two very different, fantastic animals.
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Re: Marshall SL5

Congrats, I would love to hear some clips of that clean channel, and some good dirty lead riffs.
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Re: Marshall SL5

I'd like to see it in a head, Marshall would clean up with that one.
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