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MG100HDFX Suggested Setting Help?

Heyy. So im new to these forums and i was just wondering about my MG100HDFX and certain tones. I have recently been listening to McFly's new album which is alot different to their old albums and was wondering if i could get a tone out of the amp that they do. I want this mostly for one song and here it is:

YouTube - McFly - Corrupted

I have the clean channel sorted but the overdrive i cant quite get a nice tone. I already have it on the OD2 channel but could somebody please help me with the Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble. Any help will be great =) !
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Re: MG100HDFX Suggested Setting Help?

Due to suggestions by the good folks on this forum, I got a MXR 10-band EQ to put in the effects loop of my MG100DFXH. Like you, I liked the clean tones of the stock amp, but wasn't knocked out by the overdrive. The EQ can make an incredible difference in shaping the overdrive sound.

Of course, there's the possibility that you may be pursuing an elusive ghost only captured in a studio, then mastered, then digitally reproduced by your boombox. (See numerous other "tone-chasing" threads on this forum!)
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Re: MG100HDFX Suggested Setting Help?

Heyy mann,
i onw the mg30dfx heres my settings
i know the 100hdfx has a middle as well
you will have to move that to taste
hope that helps
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