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81 jmp 2204

I found a 1981 JMP 2204 for sale. The seller said it's all original except the tubes. He wants $1200 for it. Is this a good deal and would I need to replace the filter caps and OT?
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Adrian R
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Re: 81 jmp 2204

Originally Posted by ics1974 View Post
I found a 1981 JMP 2204 for sale. The seller said it's all original except the tubes. He wants $1200 for it. Is this a good deal and would I need to replace the filter caps and OT?
Allot of this depends on the condition of the amp. If its in perfect condition I would say its close. I wouldn't pay that much for it, but then again, I'm on the cheaper side. I would probably pay close to $1100.00 MAX for it..and this would be only for posterity reasons. I just bought am 89' 2204 in near perfect condition (which I LOVE)..and I paid near a G for it shipped..and that is at the upper end of what I would pay.. the amp sounded fine when I got it..but replaced the tubes and filter caps myself for safety purposes...

Caps and tubes are cheap..especially if you can do it yourself..and represents a good insurance policy.. So consider this in your decision.. If you job it out your looking at an additional $200.00 or so in parts and bench it yourself is about half of that. OT should be fine unless it doesn't work!

I tell ya though..

I also have a DSL100 with fresh tubes and it 'almost' sounds as good as this 2204 and has some additional features the 2204 does not..and it was nearly HALF the cost... The 2204 will decimate your DSL50..WAY more powerful..

Some food for thought...
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*Some* hearing loss?
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Re: 81 jmp 2204

i say grab that 2204...they are getting hard to find in a good shape.
like adrian said don't touch the OT unless the amp doesn't work.
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Re: 81 jmp 2204

Replace the OT?

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Re: 81 jmp 2204

I think $1200 is excessive. I just picked one up a '79-JMP-2204 for $750 that only needs a new pre-amp pot. I got very lucky there so I would not benchmark against that. My point is if you exercise patience then you may put a few hundred back in you pocket. Perhaps $950 max?
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Re: 81 jmp 2204

If it's in good shape and the vertical input model, that is high, but not by much today. I paid $1300 for a near mint 1980 JMP 2204 several years ago when prices weren't as deflated.

Filter Caps - If they are original, get them replaced ASAP. Mine were in near cake/dust mode when they were changed.

OT - No Way - the originals are what make these amps special. Unless it doesn't work, no need to change.

If you have a filter cap failure, your OT is at risk.

Good condition early JMP's (Master Volume Models from 1975 to 1981) are tough to find....
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