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Marshall JCM 900 SLX

Hi guys - i have the opportunity to pick up a JCM 900 SLX 50 watt head. I don't seem to be able to find very much info / reviews about this head on line. I am currently running a JCM 2000 TSL 60 but i don't require (or use) all the channels so it is a bit of overkill for my needs. Can someone shed some light on the JCM 900 for me? I like older classic rock and some of the newer stuff as well but i'm not a metal head to speak of. Any info would be appreciated.

Cheers ....

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mike mike
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Re: Marshall JCM 900 SLX

The SL-X is an advancement on the 800 series, similar to the MKIII, but with four preamp tubes. Preamp controls the first three tubes and the gain sensitivity controls the mix of the added one. This amp can do many things, but METAL is it's specialty. What's with all these blues guys getting these amps haha? I'll take it off yer hands!
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Re: Marshall JCM 900 SLX

Mines got El-34's with dual 5ar4 rectifiers. My advice would be to find one with el-34s. They are sexy amps dude.
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Re: Marshall JCM 900 SLX

I used to have a 100 watt SL-X and I didn't think the gain was completely over the top. I know a lot of metal guys back in the 90s used these amps when they first came out, but with stuff out there nowadays that is really over the top, gain-wize, the SL-X seems a little tame by comparison. I was running mine with two power amp tubes pulled out of it so I could run it at 50 watts. This seemed to really suck some of the tone out of it as well and I would not recommend doing this if you are a lover of good tone. I never really ran it at full bore 100 watts, so maybe that is where I was missing something. But I was expecting something really crazy gain wize and it never really happened for me. To me it sounded a lot like a 800, which isnt a bad thing, just not what i was expecting.
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