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Tone Settings Marshall DSL 100

Can anybody show me your tone settings on your dsl head....

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Re: Tone Settings Marshall DSL 100

Maxime I cannot show you mine cause we most probably have different guitars/effects and most important room space size/width/height etc.

But I can tell how to set yours with simple steps only for guidance.

1. Place the amp in a room that you and your neighbour will be comfortable with.

2. Do not place in corner of that room or you will experience excessive boom from low frequencies although it is a matter of taste.

3. Connect the guitar directly to the guitar in without any effects for a couple of days until you are certain that you like what the amp sounds like.

4. Set all knobs including gains at 12 o'clock except volume which you set at minimum and then gradually you increase at a comfortable level and reverb knobs which should at all times should be set to zero (for the rest of the amps life cause its reverb really sucks... not only by itself but it also sucks off tone from your sound IMHO)

5. Start increasing/decreasing the set of eq. A small hint, press the deep switch if you're using a Gibson type guitar (humbuckers) leave unpressed for Fenders (the deep switch produce to much of a boom for my taste)

6. Start with the clean channel and when you are done go to the lead channel. On lead channel start by setting lead 1 and then go to lead 2. At all times if you don't feel comfortable with the volume, don't decrease instead move away from the amp. I set the volume at 2 when I play alone and 3 when I'm jamming with the band. Its a powerfull machine.

7. Afterwards leave the amp with your kind of setting for a day or two (I know its hard). Then go back and see if you still like what you did now that your head and ears are clearer. You'll see that you most probably want to change a bit of this and that.

8. A few day after that start adding effects in the loop section delay/reverb to add some space to your sound. After that place chorus/flanger/phaser before delay/reverb to add a specific tone. You'll find tones of argument on the sequence of pedal placement, thats what worked for me.

9. When done and happy, you are ready to start on the vain journey of the holy grail of stomp pedal distortion/overdrives/booster. Its vain because it never ends since it changes as you and your ears evolve.

10. You are ready to fine tune you amp. Do not try to do all these steps at once unless you are going to spend all day to it.

Remember to rest your ears every hour or so for 15 to 20 minutes. After all you have spend time and money in order to purchase the equipment don't try to get all you can from the amp in just a day or two. As years pass you will be able to see what you love/hate on this amp.

Hope I helped

PS. The tone shift switch will come as a surprise

Listen & Support

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Re: Tone Settings Marshall DSL 100

Thats good advise, but I think the OP was looking for some settings to try out.

This is with my Les Paul
ATM mine is set:
Deep switch In
Pres: 5
Treb: 5.5
Bass: 6
Tone Shift Out
Reverb Off
Lead 1
Vol: 5
Gain: 3
Vol: 6

An EQ pedal in the FX loop can be helpful if you've got an idea what you're looking for
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Brett Blackmore
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Re: Tone Settings Marshall DSL 100

These are mine - which are also Vinnie Moore's :-

Deep switch Off
All EQ just past middle - 6 - depending on location
Tone Shift Out
Reverb 2
Lead (Gain 1 channel only = Gain button Off)
Master Vol: ideally 4/5 (otherwise as loud as possible)
Gain: 8
Vol: 7

Cheers Brett
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Re: Tone Settings Marshall DSL 100

My normal play at home (low volume)DSL Settings - left to right
Deep switch - IN
Presence - 6
Treble - 6
Middle - 4
Bass - 5
Tone Shift - OUT

Channel B - 2
Channel A - 2

Ultra Gain / Channel B
Volume - 2
Lead 1
Gain - 7

Classic Gain / Channel A
Volume - 2
Gain - 6

Gain goes down as the volume goes up.
CSA (Certified Strat Addict)

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poeman33 is a midget busker champion of ****-town ontario so he knows everything.
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Re: Tone Settings Marshall DSL 100

ok, i will try them... i was just curious...
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