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MG100HDFX Settings for those in need

Just thought I'd post some settings for those who own the first MG 100 watt head and can't seem to dial a good tone (like me for the longest time) Here are a couple good starting points that sound great with the master around 5.
P.S. I play through either my Gibson LP Vintage Mahogany or my Gibson Dark Fire, and sometimes my Ibanez Art 100. And the OD/Distorted tones are usually on the lead pickup.

Channel: Clean
Gain: 3 1/2
Bass: 6 1/2
Middle: 6 1/2
Treble: 6 1/2

Classic Overdrive:
Channel: OD 1
Gain: Set to taste
Bass: 10
Middle: 10
Treble: 3 1/2
Contour: 0

Solid Rock:
Channel: OD 2
Gain: 5 (Still, set to taste)
Bass: 10
Middle: 10
Treble: 3 1/2
Contour: 0

Heavy Rock (Somewhat like Mark Tremonti with the right guitar):
Channel: OD 2
Gain: 5
Bass: Anywhere from 5 to 10 depending on how deep you want it to sound
Middle: 0
Treble: 3 1/2
Contour: 0

Channel: OD 2
Gain: As much as you want
Bass: 10
Middle: 0
Treble: 3 1/2
Contour: 5

Light Bluesy Crunch:
Channel: OD 1
Gain: 2
Bass: 10
Middle: 10
Treble: 5
Contour: 0

Add as much reverb and/or digital effects as you like, and don't worry about what these sound like at low volumes (anything below 1 1/2 on the master) these are good and solid starting points for your own individual tweaking at nice high volumes.

Also, don't be afraid of adjusting you guitar's volume and tone settings to get just the sound you're looking for. I've found that on the Solid Rock setting turning the tone down a little bit can give more of a growl and less crunch and fuzz. Keep that in mind, that's what they're there for.

I hope I was some help to somebody!
In case you couldn't tell, I'm a Gibson guy:
Gibson Dark Fire
Gibson Les Paul Studio w/ mahogany top
Gibson Les Paul BFG
Gibson ES335
Ibanez Art 100

Marshall Vintage Modern 2266
Marshall Vintage Modern 425A Cab
Marshall MG100HDFX
Marshall MG412A Cab
Marshall Master Reverb 30
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Re: MG100HDFX Settings for those in need

Well I just found them very useful, thanks. Sounds pretty good with single coil pickups too, cheers

Clive Sheridan, musician
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