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  1. Travis398
    Nice, another Marshall always makes the room look better.
  2. telerepairman
    Tried to attach this to my reply to the chap who was asking about replacing logo and grill cloth. Will retry later.
  3. ibmorjamn
    Is there a clip of said amplification and speaker cabinet yet Jon ?
  4. Matthews Guitars
    That'd be a great price just for a clean stock 1960A in basic regular black! Congratulations! There's one down in south Florida for sale that's never been removed from its shipping carton. It...
  5. Mcentee2
    @ampmadscientist Quite possibly, within 1db is more like attacking it with a wet lettuce. I get your point though, and i am not saying there aren't a dozen things i am failng to account for in...

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