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  1. 2203xman
    First congrats.I would love to have a vintage 1987.Please could the more knowledgable folks take a look at the diodes in solid state rectifier,looks like something changed here?
  2. Dwayne Eash
    I don't understand. That looks like a 4 stage attenuator, but we approved a 6 stage's, 36 total dB's attenuation. ???
  3. matttornado
    So i used my design M as a load box only and slaved my Super Lead with the line out into my Dsl combo. I added a 4x12 cab with 25 watt greenbacks as an extension cab. Sounded phenomenal the...
  4. Travis398
    Nice, another Marshall always makes the room look better.
  5. telerepairman
    Tried to attach this to my reply to the chap who was asking about replacing logo and grill cloth. Will retry later.

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