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  1. Gaddis
    Is this thing on?
  2. JohnEjackplug
    Its a bit loud.......
  3. Jimmy Hazard
    Jimmy Hazard
    Just got a Marshall dsl40c from Sweetwater with the celestion seventy 80 it's great!
  4. Trapland
    Trapland London John
    You asked me to pm you if I get rid of my super-amp or es-175. I will be moving one of them but not both. I'll probably be in the low 4000s on either. The Super is on reverb.

    I'll be taking a bunch of stuff down on Monday to haggle out a trade. My shop will give me best value. I can give you best value too. Let me know if there is anything you want to know.

  5. Jimmy3000
    Marshall JCM 900 50W 4500
  6. Weldaar
    I am a child of God.
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  7. MarshaMac
    I have a Marshall jcm 800 4211 combo. And I would love to do a modification to this amp for a more open plexi sound
  8. MarshaMac
    Hello my fellow Marshall people
  9. stilgar
    stilgar Sly
    Hi, did you ever get to repair that MG100hdfx? I have a similar problem...
  10. william hannum
    william hannum
    I have a new Marshall DSL 40 it sounds muddy and does not have the gain it should what could be wrong with this amp?
  11. StratoMarshall
    StratoMarshall DirtySteve
    Hey there. Concerning the G12T75, I don't have anything I want to trade. What's your cash price?
  12. J Saw
    J Saw Bloodrock
    Hi, sorry to barge in on you. Quick question on dsl15h bias. Im lookn at CON6A and are the test points reversed to the trim pots? Also am I shooting for 18-20 Milliamps?
    Thanks so much for any help you might offer, Jerry
  13. Bruland
    Bruland hidetox

    Ive read one of your post about afd100 crackling noise. I have had the exact same problem on mine and was wondering if its possibel to get information on what was done in your amp to fix it?

    Greetings Joakim
  14. Stemiles90
    The Hacienda must be built!
  15. Stemiles90
    Carlisle,England,on the back wheel.
  16. BadgerO
    50% charged
  17. MillionsOfBugs
    MillionsOfBugs MartyStrat54
    Hi. Marty. I read that you are the hookup for NOS 12ax7's. What do you have available and how much?
  18. BadgerO
    "In a triode, no one can hear you screen." Mescalero of Antique Radio Forum
  19. tschrama
    Building amplifiers in my small atelier called 's-Gravenmade | Follow me | instagram @sgravenmade
  20. kevin meyrick
    kevin meyrick MartyStrat54
    Hi Marty, Im new to this forum and im trying to get some feedback to a problem i have with my amp, its making a weird noise, i made a youtube video and want to get some response but i don't know how to get a conversation started started with the members can you advise me please, thanks ,kev.