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  1. Gun$1983
    How's it going everyone? Im james, and im new! Im a proud owner of a new dsl40c and it is awesome!
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  2. ElectricGuitarSlinger
  3. davidlessig
    davidlessig pleximaster
    you have some great amps! johan segeborn played your white 1970 super lead and i was cuurious about the circuit...anyway you could send me pic of circuit or lmk if it's standard 1970 and what transformers are in that one. thanks for your time
  5. SmokeyDopey
  6. drinkbeerbefree
    can't hear you, i'm practicing...
  7. ampmadscientist
    ampmadscientist el_duderino
  8. Vinsanitizer
    Vinsanitizer ravindass
    Goonie goo goo.
  9. wmachine
    wmachine CharvelFan
    "I am the kind of guy that only buys 100 watt heads just to play at home. I feel like if an amp can't kill a heard of cattle 100 yards away what is the point of owning it."

    That is going to be a bi-line of mine. Well put!
    1. CharvelFan
      Haha. Glad you liked it.
      Mar 7, 2017
    2. wmachine
      BTW, I think your sp of "heard" was accidental? I think it is a perfect pun for the statement, though. Makes the statement even better to quote!
      Mar 7, 2017
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  10. Vinsanitizer
    Vinsanitizer Cmac6969
    Goonie goo goo
  11. Australian
  12. Olbis
    Olbis whitewolf
    Hey man!
    I noticed in your profile pic you got 2 marshalls. My friend has a similar one on the right. What model is that? Do you have better picks of that and the backpanel?
    He has the whiteone as well with 1982A lead cab, but its really hard to find info on these. Are these rare?

    Thank you!
    - Olli from Finland
  13. Australian
    President of the Moderators Commission
  14. Fredster888
    Hi everyone, I'm very happy to be joining the Marshall community. I should take possession of a Dsl40 in a day or two and am really excited.
  15. Bridges1
    To introduce myself. I was born in the UK and moved to New Zealand. My career has been in the electrical/electronic industry.
  16. Geeze
    Geeze Alex
    Hello Alex,

    My post - Crazy & Mad Combo Design Ideas For The Dallas Guitar Show - was moved from the Marshall Amp forum to the 'Other Amp' forum. I'm building a new combo case for a Marshall JMP 2204. Shouldn't this be in the Marshall amp forum?

    Thank you,

  17. shermanpup
  18. renips
    renips keennay
    Recording Section?
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    2. keennay
      I've just sent you a PM!
      Feb 24, 2017
  19. Dan Kiefert
    Dan Kiefert
    Somebody spoke and I went into a dream...
  20. pak668
    pak668 stw500
    Hi Stephan,
    Sorry I missed your message. Here are the specs of the speaker I put in my Code 50:
    Fane Sovereign 12-250TC

    It has reduced the 'boominess' of the bass and really improved the playback of MP3s. The Fane was the 'flatest, fullest range' 12" speaker I could find. The others I looked at were: Celestion K12H-200TC & Eminence Beta 12LTA