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  1. Doug Bogie
    Doug Bogie
    Hi:) Current Kit Marshall Code 50 - Excellent and I can lift it! Fender Blues De-Luxe. Les Paul / Strat & SE Prs.
  2. makatech
    makatech TristanDay

    I am very interesting about the tube information you received about the DSL1-H from Marshall! :-)

    I have been reading about different tubes but I am bit confused, read that the stock tubes probably are chinese?

    I have been reading the JJ is a bit darker, Tung Sols little bit brighter, I am still running stock tubes though, did you change already?


    Best regards,

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    2. makatech
      Very interesting :-) I assume the difference a change make also depends on the stock tubes. Heard rumours about stock tubes in 50th Anniversary series being chinese but I am not sure if this is right. I am not very happy about my DSL1 being brighter, at least not when running V30s but as somebody wrote it's easy to adjust EQ! /Mats
      Jan 13, 2017 at 8:59 AM
    3. makatech
      Anyway, you liked the result of the retube of your amps using JJs and think it is worth it?
      Jan 13, 2017 at 9:00 AM
    4. TristanDay
      Here is list of the tubes I received from Marshall.

      Preamp section
      the first tube is in shield and closest to the input jack straight across

      V4 ECC83
      V3 ECC83
      V2 ECC82
      V5 ECC83

      Power amp tube

      Toward the back of amp

      V1 ECC82

      Currently I have a tungsol in v1, a ruby in the v4 and a Jan in the v2. It sounds really good for classic rock.
      Jan 16, 2017 at 11:19 AM
  3. ibmorjamn
    ibmorjamn blues_n_cues
    What's up BnC ? I have not been hear much but I am kind of around hear now. I got in to building amps (learning) so I was not hanging hear for a while.
  4. Harrison Liddle
    Harrison Liddle
    I have a Code 25 I cant get the digital output via the USB cable using Cubase on a M/S surface to work. Can anyone help?
  5. Durden
    Bloody Sheila, hurry up get me thongs
  6. Viking62
    Viking62 Denise
  7. Viking62
    Viking62 Denise
    What country are you from Denise..?
  8. solarburnDSL50
    solarburnDSL50 BanditPanda
    Hey BP. The closest I've got to Plexi tone and feel on the DSL40 is using the Green clean(not crunch)with the amp gain maxed. Then I boost it with my Ramble FX Marvel Drive. I use Dimarzio SD pups bridge position and I get a great classic Marshall tone.
    1. BanditPanda
      Solar I jus bid on the Marvel Drive and just now realized that it was a version2. Which version are you running?
      Jan 2, 2017
    2. solarburnDSL50
      I first got V1 and sent mine to the builder and he added the presence knob making it a V2. So you are good.
      Jan 3, 2017
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  9. egodiot
    Blasted iPad Pro Ampkit app's JCM 900 wide-open sounds like the best half dirty & clangy JCM 800 ever.
  10. Blownguy
    Modded up the amp
  11. Karl Rau
    Karl Rau DPTONE5
    Nice Stacks!
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  12. Feeling Supersonic
    Feeling Supersonic Holme
    Hope you had a great Christmas chap!
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    2. Holme
      You too old bean - glad to see you're still alive everyone seems to be snuffing it this year!
      Dec 27, 2016
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    3. Feeling Supersonic
      Feeling Supersonic
      Touch wood you survive 2016 - there's still time for an unfortunate feltching accident to occur. Be safe bro. x
      Dec 27, 2016
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  13. Feeling Supersonic
    Feeling Supersonic Macro
    Hey Macro , hope is well you haven't been on since May.
  14. Bob Tilley
    Bob Tilley
    Hi I have a DSL 100h just wondering if someone had one and has the slash tone dialled in ?
  15. BowerR64
    BowerR64 JonesRocket
    DO you still use the forum?
  16. slide222
    slide222 BrotherJ
    there is the parallel loop mod which works very well and takes the amp into overdrive - loop return and send together on the back panel , and control it on the front panel, parallel mix , effects
  17. keennay
    keennay dreyn77
    O Dreyn, where art thou?
  18. Randall123
    Looking to update from an MG to a DSL 15h. Anything I should be aware of?
  19. torcamaniac
    torcamaniac BrotherJ

    I read your post about JTM 60 here in the forum. You said you installed a choke.
    Can you tell me where to exactly install a choke and is there anything else to consider after doing this?
  20. cp1
    cp1 johnnymac
    contact me about cab