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  1. Steve Cox
    Steve Cox
    I have a 40CR and wonder if I can run it at 4 ohms safely
  2. bvoris
  3. Doug Taylor
    Doug Taylor
    Still doing authorized service for Marshall and other brands after all these years. Vintage/classic gear as well!
  4. SkyMonkey
  5. Gaz Baker
    Gaz Baker scozz
    Hi Scozz. I'm not too sure this is where I private message you, but If you want to pass on my details to Weber's, my email is,...

    Thank you for helping out kind sir. You're a true gentleman!!!

    P.S, Sorry if my message is in the wrong way.
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    2. scozz
      Hi Gaz, I'm not sure I understand. I thought you're getting a MiniMass from Mojotone? Do you still want to contact Ted Weber?
      Dec 5, 2019
  6. Steve Smith
    Steve Smith Alex
    Hello Alex. I put a post with a link to my friend's website. He is a Marshall trained tech who builds his own amps now. I am not sure if I have broken any site rules and it was not meant to promote anything in any way whatsoever or for any sort of personal gain or advertising. My apologies, please advise?
    Many thanks
    Steve Smith
  7. pulsonicsound
    pulsonicsound Scumback Speakers

    could I get a quote for 3 pairs of your metal handles(Minus bolts/T nuts) shipped to the UK?

    Thanks in advance

  8. South Park
    South Park Exotic
    I live in venture county and build my own amps . If you want I can look at it for you
  9. fretted friend
    fretted friend
    I am a retired former community music store owner that specializes
  10. Rej
    Rej mAx___
    Hi Max , im just wondering if you are still making the occasional mini major and what your price is ?
    I thought your amp with the two o/p valves and Blackmore mods was sensational. [I live in Scotland by the way] ..thanks , Rob
    1. mAx___
      Hi Rob, thanks so much for you kind words! Glad you liked the amp. I'm still doing it occasionally. On Reverb I have it for $2750 plus shipping but if we do it directly via PayPal I could make it for $2600 plus shipping. Let me know. Thanks again.
      Nov 22, 2019
    2. mAx___
      Rob, in case you are interested you can write to me at since I don't always check messages here.
      Nov 23, 2019
  11. gtrmechanic
    LOL!!! I moved my shop years ago and just realized I never changed my location on my profile. OOOOps!
  12. Point 2 Point
    Point 2 Point Chris4189
    I have a JTM 2245THW ,the handwired one with trem and the KT66's. Does this have the correct voltages? I can't get this thing to sing or growl at all.
    If thats the way these just are Ill sell it but if I can do something simple to wake the giant then I will.
    I have anSV20H and love it
    Thanks in advance,
  13. Point 2 Point
    Point 2 Point Chris4189
    Hi Chris,
    I hope you don't mind me soliciting your advice.
    I was reading your post on "JTM45's vs SV20"
    You explained about the new JTM45's not having KT66's and them having lower plate voltages and therfore not being up to par with the originals .
  14. aty63245
  15. R.H
    Robo Sapien Noise Maker
  16. knuklhed
    Using EL 34s I cant get the Bias above 12mA measuring Direct Plate current. SHould I only use 6550s?
  17. knuklhed
    Troubleshooting an Original 1985 2205 USA JCM 800 50 W.
  18. David_Well
    David_Well Lance Chambers
    Hi !
    My amp all all wire but no sound at all.
    it have benn ship to england 2 times and a local tech try to fix it...
    and now it's my turn..
    cannot figure out WTF is going on with it.
    I have built a coupel of trainwreck clone and some other ... but this one... well i dont know .
    think i will sell it as need service ...
  19. jmp45
    jmp45 Mitchell Pearrow
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    2. Mitchell Pearrow
      Mitchell Pearrow
      I have never played one of those amps but if that’s a good price, with GC you always have the return policy, the ones I had where AVT50H, not sure the model number and I was able to snag them at $ 200.00 each.
      I hope this helps
      Oct 22, 2019
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  20. Chris Sheppard
    Chris Sheppard
    Guitar_Lefty is Jammin’
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