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  1. Robert Williams
    Robert Williams MartyStrat54
    100h Tube replacement for el34 Mesa boogies one Jan vintage in the first position heyboer Transformer and choke 100 silver Mica chip any suggestions
  2. colin thompson
    colin thompson
    Hello peeps, almost 20 years after trading them in I’ve got the jmp1 and jfx1 back. Still amazing...
  3. JeepO'Caster
    JEEPs, Strat's, Les Paul's and Marshall's
  4. ricksdisconnected
    ricksdisconnected forumtech
    hey Alex, somebody, i need some help please.
  5. ricksdisconnected
  6. instinctfx
    Bloody DSL amp!! Just f*%*%N WORK!!
  7. ricksdisconnected
    ricksdisconnected forumtech
    . a mod sent me this link to see if you could help me.
    im trying to reactivate my ricksconnected account since its well established and once ive gotten back on
    line with it i want to close the "ricksDISconnected" account.
    can get some help with this issue please?
    just need to reset my password for ricksconnected

  8. ricksdisconnected
    ricksdisconnected forumtech
    i need help.
    ok so 2 weeks ago i got signed out by accident.
    my user name is ricksconnected.
    i went to sign in and used the "forgot password" link because i forgot my password.
    the message said i would receive a code in mt email. few hours went by and i received
    nothing so i tried again. this repeats for a week and still nothing.
  9. Cadorman
    Most likely buzzed
  10. John DeVries
    John DeVries Len
    Hey, saw a thread from two years ago on the heater mods for a JCA 50 to lower the noise floor. The links are dead.
    Any other info of posts on this mod?
    1. Len
      Yeah, looks like that other forum went down a few weeks ago. I'll try to post some pics in the thread here.
      Aug 13, 2019
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  11. Jigsaw
    Hey, Phil
  12. Roag Jones
    Roag Jones
    My first Marshall! DSL20
  13. Roag Jones
    Roag Jones
    Many many Tube amps,
  14. Hannahhh
    Hannahhh The Dose of Harmony
    Any tips for new drummers?))
    1. The Dose of Harmony
      The Dose of Harmony
      sorry man I missed you msm

      for new drummers easy songs , focus on time and feel ,speed and complexity will come later.
      Aug 8, 2019
  15. Hannahhh
    Hannahhh The Dose of Harmony
    Any tips for new drummers?)
  16. Hannahhh
    Hannahhh The Dose of Harmony
    Any tips for new drummers?
  17. Capriccio
  18. d10221
    As the contemporary philosopher said. "I know..., its only rock'n'roll but I like it...!, i like it ,I like it , yes I do , I like it!
  19. Capriccio
    Capriccio assaf110
    Hi assaf, sorry for message but i d like to know if with sv 20 you can have nicel clean with a single coil, i have 1959 slp and until 5 or 6 of volume i can do, but on sv 20 im afrai that it break uu really earlier.
    1. assaf110
      Depends on the rest of your rig, but mine start to break up at about 4 (i play the channels jumpered, mostly normal channel and a bit of high treble). Unattenuated, on 20W or even 5W it's pretty loud... If thats good enough for you depends on the size of room / venue and the rest of the band... For my needs it's great.
      you can use the low sensitivity inputs as well...
      Jul 30, 2019
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  20. Amanda Carter
    Amanda Carter
    Virginia Beach,VA.
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