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  1. meballar
    meballar Hillcountry
    Hello Hillcountry, interesting info on grill cloth replacement. Do you or know of a place that can remove the grill cloth from my new Marshall origin 5, saw a larger hole, install a 10” speaker and reinstall the grill cloth? Thank you.
  2. miriamguimel
    Isoflat provides curated and hand picked content of high quality, flat and isometric graphic resources and free vectors
  3. CptZar
    CptZar soundboy57
  4. CptZar
  5. The Golden Boy
    The Golden Boy
    Extraordinary Magnitude
  6. Filipe Soares
    Filipe Soares
    More is more!
  7. IronHouse
    IronHouse BygoneTones
    Regarding the 2045. I'm in Essex, England. Someone had painted the cab with white paint. The top tolex was missing, I removed the rest of the tolex at the weekend. The front grill fabric is faded, baggy and has a rip in it and also a black mark on it, but it still on the frame. Has the original white piping, feet, handle, serial number plate, jack socket plate. The jack socket itself is a replacement.
  8. Joris Van hauwermeiren
  9. Juan Pinasco
    Juan Pinasco JohnH
    Hi JohnH how are you? Sorry to bother, but do you have the email of user Johnt techs? For the DSL 401 FX loop mod.
    Thanks a lot!
    Best regards
  10. LucaGT87
    LucaGT87 iron broadsword
    Hi Iron, i've seen that you're one of the Guru of Class 5 mods here. I would like to ask you some tips and the schematic of the Plexi mod if it's possible. I've seen the Lyle Caldwell one, but i'm not a technician so i don't understand if i've an old version or not, i would like to obtain the 3 switches one + bedroom trick. Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad english. See you soon man! :)
  11. LucaGT87
    LucaGT87 Orpheus777
    Hi Orpheus, i would like to ask you if you have any schematics of your mod of Class 5. Thanks!
  12. Nik Henville
    Nik Henville bobpick68
    Your sig says it all, Bob ;-)
  13. CoffeeTones
    CoffeeTones boola1
    Hi, I was reading your old post about replacing the 10k with 1k value, for the V2A, cathode resistor, etc. May I ask what the stock negative feedback configuration is on your 69 Lead amp is? I believe you said it was the tap and resistance configuration you preferred the sound of, after the 10k cathode was lowered. Also, what is the presence cap value? Thanks, Gerald
  14. Hollowbody
    Hollowbody SmokeyDopey
    Hey, I disappeared. Sorry. Hope you are doing well.
    1. SmokeyDopey
      Hey! All is well, hope you too man
      Jun 3, 2019
      Hollowbody likes this.
  15. CptZar
    CptZar soundboy57
    Hi, I did get the rexine. Material is very alike. It is just a little shiny. I am sure this will become better by time. Did you treated yours so it becomes less shiny? Best Jan
  16. jdpvtec
    jdpvtec bill bokey
    Hey, is the headshell still available? What is the price? Thanks!
  17. zenlink
    Just a pic of my 2016 Les Paul
  18. Heavy101
    Heavy101 Chris Hallerberg
    You did find me, sent a email to your Yahoo account
  19. Chris Hallerberg
    Chris Hallerberg Heavy101
    Hey man! I think I finally tracked you down. I bought the BB7 Gibson from you a few years back. I wanted to ask you a couple questions when you get a chance.
    1. Chris Hallerberg
      Chris Hallerberg
      you're also welcome to email or text 501-282-7946
      May 21, 2019
  20. wakjob
    wakjob Micky
    Hey Micky, I got a hot line on a ton of tubes in a consignment shop. I seen one picture of a large clear plastic tote, and when they called me back they said they found another!

    It might be worth the drive. I see old Tung-Sol, GE, Sylvania, ect.. in the pic so far.

    $1 a piece...

    I'm near Utica, so it's a bit far for me.
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