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  1. pleximaster
    pleximaster Mark gordon
    If you email me I can send you pictures of original ones I nice condition for reference
  2. pleximaster
    pleximaster Mark gordon
    Good! Good luck on the restoration!
  3. pleximaster
    pleximaster Mark gordon
    If you any plans of selling the metal badge logo on the cab I would be interested in buying it. t is more worth than the rest of the cab.

    Best regards Lenny
    1. Mark gordon
      Mark gordon
      hi thank you for the enquiry but Im going keep it with the cab I have had it a long time regards mark .
      Feb 9, 2019
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  4. Dennis Bonanza
    Dennis Bonanza JohnH
    Hi John - I've been looking online for mods for the Marshall DSL401 (UK) and came across your posts. I don't mean to bug you but since you had a mod to pump up ther reverb, is there something I can do to stop it from becoming more pronounced in the OD modes? Thanks very much. Dennis
  5. Dave Hodge
    Dave Hodge
    Does anyone have a Capacitor List for VOX AC 30 Rose 70's vintage?
  6. K2JLX
    Ears ring.
  7. EddievanDamon#2
    EddievanDamon#2 HOT TUBES 70
    Mike, I need to buy another Tube Boost Plus OD pedal from you. Can I do Paypal? Please get a hold of me asap! 360-487-9906 or Thanks!
  8. CincyPaul
    Marshall DLS40c | Fender American Standard "Shawbucker" HSS Strotcaster | Fender '69 Telecaster Thinline | Fender Duo-Sonic
  9. Motorlord
    Got the sc20h and Testing it out now...
  10. Super Blead
    Super Blead
    or Super Lass...
  11. Delete!!
    Delete!! JohnH
    Hi John, I have been reading some of your past posts about the DSL heat issues. When you attached your heat sink did you use a screw, or just some thermal glue? It was actual glue - correct? Not thermal paste/compound? I never knew there were so many ways to attach a heat sink. Any advice is appreciated. Iā€™m getting ready to order some parts for the amp. Thanks.
  12. ampmadscientist
    ampmadscientist Craig Robichaud
    Are you still here?
    1. Craig Robichaud
      Craig Robichaud
      Could you please guide me to the next step in testing...I measured all the power tubes pins #3 & #4...and they all measured way too low between 88.9 & 84.9 Vdc
      Jan 30, 2019
  13. Wooferhead1
    Vintage Modern 2266 - stack - Legend Rock n Roll 50 Guitars: 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard - 1998 Am Standard Strat - Washburn Acoustic
  14. DoctorZ
  15. brets9
    brets9 neikeel
    Hi Neikeel, I am looking for some vintage mica caps to restore my '68 JMP50. Can you help? I hope you remember me from PP!! Thanks, Bret
  16. neikeel
    Jtm45 pics
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  17. gkterry
    gkterry joonya
    I have a Supervibe pedal I could part with. It does have a box but no manual. I would say it is near mint. I can send you some pics tomorrow if that would interest you. My price is $50 plus $10 shipping.
  18. DannyHescock
    "Yeah, well that's just like your opinion man." - The Dude
  19. justinrhoads80
    :Don't worry about buying gear, worry about working at and developing yourself as a guitar player." - Something I should've learned earlier
  20. Robottler
    Creativity for kids - one of the most critical skills that a child needs in this generation.