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  1. Wooferhead1
    Vintage Modern 2266 - stack - Legend Rock n Roll 50 Guitars: 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard - 1998 Am Standard Strat - Washburn Acoustic
  2. DoctorZ
  3. brets9
    brets9 neikeel
    Hi Neikeel, I am looking for some vintage mica caps to restore my '68 JMP50. Can you help? I hope you remember me from PP!! Thanks, Bret
  4. neikeel
    Jtm45 pics
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  5. gkterry
    gkterry joonya
    I have a Supervibe pedal I could part with. It does have a box but no manual. I would say it is near mint. I can send you some pics tomorrow if that would interest you. My price is $50 plus $10 shipping.
  6. DannyHescock
    "Yeah, well that's just like your opinion man." - The Dude
  7. justinrhoads80
    :Don't worry about buying gear, worry about working at and developing yourself as a guitar player." - Something I should've learned earlier
  8. Robottler
    Creativity for kids - one of the most critical skills that a child needs in this generation.
  9. Magus Tony
    Magus Tony forumtech
    hi , I asked to close my account, but it's still on, please let me know, thnx
  10. Magus Tony
    Magus Tony Alex
    hi Alex, I asked to close my account, but it's still on, please let me know, thnx
  11. Craig Robichaud
    Craig Robichaud
    I have a JCM2000 DSL100...the power tubes glow but the inverter and preamp tubes don’ blows the main fuse...any ideas?
  12. uriy
  13. slide222
    my latest oncology report from 14 December says , "he is completely asymptomatic"
  14. OZZ
    play with the gear or play the guitar..
  15. Zues Sota
    Zues Sota
    Faster + Louder = Smiles!
  16. Robert Machine
    Robert Machine ampmadscientist
    I just wanted to really thank you for all your help. Out of everyone that confused me you shined light & for that I'm very grateful! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
  17. SurfingAlien
    Constantly seeking *that* tone ;-)
  18. lavabug
    lavabug wakjob
    Hi there. I stumbled upon your posts about modding the 3210 and you seem very knowledgeable about the amp. I was wondering if you had any experience reducing the radio noise on the amp? It's pretty bad with the FX loop too. Thanks!
    1. wakjob
      Radio noise usually comes from somewhere in the input section of the circuit.

      There is no grid-stopper, just a .01uF cap.

      You could try a few shielded input options or add a resistor before the first op-amp.
      Nov 27, 2018
  19. Dean Swindell
  20. ibmorjamn
    ibmorjamn Risamaru
    Hey brother , use still playing drums ?