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  1. Nik Henville
    Nik Henville Tim Fezziwig
    Ahh... Mr Fezziwig I presume...
  2. Nik Henville
    Nik Henville
    Had a JTM45 late 60's, now in MY late sixties got me the dog's bollocks Club and Country 4145. Kissed some frogs just to go full circle...
  3. LRT#1
    LRT#1 Alex
    Thank for the reply but was able to get one of the other mods to move the thread also I was told that there was no Alex they say you haven't posted in some time
  4. rocker68
    rocker68 solarburnDSL50
    Thanks for the reply. All I know is it looked like hot/cool rails in the strat. Maybe the dsl 40c if not the origin. I'll try to find the video. Ed
  5. LRT#1
    LRT#1 Alex
    How do I move thread from one forum to the rite forum
    1. ampmadscientist
      There is no Alex.
      Jul 14, 2018 at 6:31 AM
    2. Alex
      Let me know the link via email and I'll move it for you.
      Jul 17, 2018 at 2:02 PM
  6. Ed Domanowski
    Ed Domanowski
    Need a wiring diagram for output and power transformers both are merren
    1. ampmadscientist
      Just contact Merren and get the spec sheets which show the color codes.
      Jul 11, 2018
  7. Ed Domanowski
    Ed Domanowski
    I am trying to build a j t m 45 split panel need help
  8. Mic.P
    Smashing my way forward
  9. Joe Walsh
    Joe Walsh john l
    Hey John

    Would you build me a 1968 50 watt 1987 turret board? If so, how much would you charge?

    1. john l
      john l
      Hi there. I really only build for myself and friends these days.
      All the best
      Jul 9, 2018
  10. rocker68
    rocker68 solarburnDSL50
    Hi Solar, can u tell me what bridge pickup is in the strat in the origin video " play that funky music white boy " ? Your using a pedal later in the clip. Thanks in advance. Ed
    1. solarburnDSL50
      Can you link it? I'm not sure about what I did? I wasn't playing an Origin though. That's why I'm wondering what I did. Joe
      Jul 10, 2018
  11. Nikki
    Currently own Valvestate 8008, el84 20/20 el34 50/50 , 9200, also have a couple of jmp-1s and a 1 jfx-1
  12. rocker68
    rocker68 Deep Purple fan
    Hi. Are you located in Virginia ?
    This is two el34 power tubes?
    Thanks. E
  13. brando69
    brando69 Micky
    Hey micky, thanks alot for all the info you posted on the dsl5. It was all very useful. i really like the idea of adding a choke.
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  14. Mikst
  15. Deders
    Deders Ken
    Hi, I read your posts about the DSL heads having an unconvenonal EQ and was wondering if that was just with the tone shift enabled or all throughout the amp?
  16. Mic.P
    Mic.P Australian
    Hey mate how are ya , i was told to ask you regarding replacement tubes for my JVM410H. Contacted Marshall in Australia but tubes they wish to send me are not the same as whats in my amp. Got a thread going in the Workbench area titled "Tube Placement and biasing" which will explain what my inquiry is. Also is there another good reliable source of buying tubes for my Amp in Oz.
    Cheers Mic
  17. The Dose of Harmony
    The Dose of Harmony Alex
    Hi alex !!! i was wondering if you can help me i can not upload photos no matter what size or resolution i tried in my les paul forum wich has a very similar format and every thing went fine!!

    so i think its something with the settings here!
    1. ampmadscientist
      FYI: There is no Alex.
      You have to make 3 posts before you can upload a photo I think...
      1. Save your photo as JPEG, or GIF. There is a limitation to the file size of the photo. PDF may be too big of a file to post.
      2. Click "upload file" when creating a post. Then select your file...
      3. Select if you need thumbnail or full size.
      Then, post your photo.
      Jun 5, 2018
  18. dro
    JTM45 JMP2204 Origin20H AC30 OR15...….
  19. Blh4216
    Still Here
  20. SirTolik
    Gibson LP Studio ' 92 - Maxon OD808 - JCM800 2005 / TSL100 - MX412A