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  1. El Marin
  2. Dickie McD
  3. Dickie McD
    Dickie McD
    Hey all ...HELP ! 1978 Marshall 2204 .. head. Full stack 1960 4x12 CAB’s (2x4 12”s) how do you connect ? Set amp 4 ohm & cabs 16 mono ?
    1. ampmadscientist
      The amp must be set to match the cabinets.
      If you have 2X 16 ohm cabinets, the amp should be set 8 ohms.
      Mar 21, 2018 at 7:34 AM
  4. Robert Murray
    Robert Murray
    Upgraded my amp to the jvm410h on the 1960bwh 55hrtz reissue cab.
  5. NewReligion
    Modding Amps and Wringing Necks...♫
  6. Springfield Scooter
    1. Trident
      I just might have to put the DSL on hold n get the Code with the cab n give it a whirl.. Than maybe get the DSL. Be easier on the bank @ first
      Mar 12, 2018
  7. Trident
    Trident Springfield Scooter
    How do you like your Code100h?
  8. Butch Reed
    Butch Reed
    New blues musician wannabe.
  9. aussiebluesville
    Turn that volume up :)
  10. TERADA tom
    TERADA tom
    Hi Tom here a new member.
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  11. Dream Theater Fan
    Dream Theater Fan
    I have a JMP-1 and I have to put a new backup battery in it. Does anyone know how to source it? Thanks
  12. Music Man
    Music Man damienbeale
    Hey man, really hope you're still active on this forum. I want to make a Youtube video about Marshall 2204 amps because there is so much bad (wrong) information about them all over the internet. Of all the forums I have visited (a lot!) you seem to be the most knowledgeable regarding these amps. Would you mind me asking you a few questions just to make sure I have the facts correct for the video?
  13. ampmadscientist
    meandering around the fretboard with no real certainty
  14. tschrama
    tschrama ampmadscientist
    Absolutely perplexed that you dont know were hiss/noise originates from, or how to minimize it. Aren't you an EE ?
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    2. ampmadscientist
      Noise / Hiss in guitar amps is rarely discussed or studied.
      I'm trying to bring the subject out in the open....

      It is my hope to develop high gain guitar amps which rival noise levels of hi fi amps.

      By doing this - I hope to change the industry over to a higher performance standard.
      Mar 4, 2018
  15. myersbw
    What you hear is that patch cable acting as an antenna when you don't plug a guitar. It picks up interference in the air.
    1. ampmadscientist
      I absolutely agree.
      "Antenna" is the perfect description.
      Mar 4, 2018
  16. Gutch220
  17. MattJohnson92
    Uk based guitarist
  18. FredToronto
    JCM 800, 2204, 1983.. For research paper, like to get info on the main components amp. Where made, etc.. Anyone ? Thank You!
  19. Sokool
    I just found this forum and am very excited to be here. I own an amazing: 50 Watt JMP MKII S/A# 4384G looking for more info on it.
  20. jaycee
    Marshal valve state, 65 gibson sg, 83 gibson explorer I like the vintage ones
    1. ampmadscientist
      Yes it's junk, send it here immediately.
      We will dispose of this properly, and it will never bother you again.
      (not, just kidding)
      Welcome to the MAF.
      Feb 24, 2018
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