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  1. Itai Chejanovsky
    Itai Chejanovsky James Clent

    I was curios, did you put your code on Git so other ppl can contribute to your effort?
    If not, would it be something you might consider?


  2. GeoffB
    GeoffB neikeel
    Hi Neikeel, Many thanks for all your help with my transformer issue. I've spoken to Majestic Transformer and they are now selling your modified transformer for £170. I think manufactures understand the prices these vintage amps are fetching and wanting a slice of the cake!
    Best regards
    1. neikeel
  3. daniel alves
    daniel alves
    Good morning, someone has Code 25 editor who simulates Footswitch
  4. Bruce303
    Bruce303 MartyStrat54
    Does FX now Ion back on Marshall head have anything to do with headphone setup
  5. Itamar Vidal
    Itamar Vidal James Clent
    Hi James. I tested your program and it's really nice. Is it possible to develop to control the patches changes from the software? I mean, it would be great to have an way to use it as a "handswitch" instead the foot. My congrats for your software.
  6. MartyStrat54
    Marty Animal Entertainment on Facebook. Owner of Tulsa Bands Bulletin Board on Facebook.
  7. MartyStrat54
    Owner of Tulsa Bands Bulletin Board on Facebook.
  8. DaDoc
  9. EROCK69
    Does anyone have a PPIMV schematic for a Marshall 1987xl?
  10. GeoffB
    GeoffB neikeel
    Hi neikeel, If can still find that replacement transformer for the JMP50, I would be interested to know how much you want for it please. I live in North Yorkshire.
    Regards Geoff.
  11. Butchiford
    DSL40c Carvin X100BIV Fender SuperSonic 60 Dean Markley CD60 Fender '62 AVRI Strat Fender TeleCustom PRS SE Korina
  12. david tree
  13. Katzenkönig
    In the heart of bavaria
  14. Geoffrey562
    The new guy!!!
  15. ledvedder
    ledvedder MartyStrat54
    Hi Marty, can you recommend tubes for my Marshall Dsl40c? I'd like to get a decent clean sound, along with a good VH type of overdrive tone. I'm currently using a mix of tungsol, jj, and Sovtek.

  16. myonlybliss
    myonlybliss Micky
  17. BILL B
    BILL B
    “Have band,Will travel”
  18. lastenglishcowboy93
    Could someone please tell me how to create a forum so i can ask with world about a problem with my amp thanks
    1. ampmadscientist
      What's wrong dude?

      Click on "forums."
      Click on the topic (like: "workbench.")
      Click in upper right: "post new thread."
      Oct 14, 2017
  19. KraftyBob
    KraftyBob MartyStrat54
    Hi MartyStrat54. New DSL40C owner here and have a question on tubes - looks your the go to guy for this :) I have a post in the DSL Thread on page 429 near the bottom, post #8575 looking for your opinion on my tube options with Sweetwater. If you get a chance to review it I'd really appreciate it!. Thanks!
  20. wmachine
    wmachine Springfield Scooter
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