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  1. Art
    Art psklaroff
    hi bro, i just want to ask regarding to you jcm 2000 tsl100
  2. Howard Page
    Howard Page
  3. corjac61
    JMP 2203 100 watt head and YJM 100 watt head ,2 Dean ML's ,2 Strats ,Les Paul ..
  4. MentorK
    MentorK MartyStrat54
    Part III of the Message
    The interesting thing is that if I leave the amp on for say two hours the level and quality of the of sound is much better even on the classic channel but I can still hear these hums on the classic channel.
    I assume it is a preamp tubes issue (ECC 83)? Or something else?
    Thank you in advance,
  5. MentorK
    MentorK MartyStrat54
    Part II of the message
    I can hear a mild bedroom level sound if I go to maximum 10 but I assume this is not OK. On the same channel when I switch to Crunch mode, the level of the sound is much better. But on the same channel from time to time I can hear hums that resemble a distant thunder like sound. This hum is not heard on the The Ultra Gain Channel.
  6. MentorK
    MentorK MartyStrat54
    Hi Marty
    Part I of the message
    I hope you can help me on this issue. I recently purchased brand new Marshall DSL 40C and I am having an issue with Classic (Clean) Channel that is not loud enough. As a matter a fact it is very quiet.
    After a recommended time for stand by, when I switch the amp ON on the classic channel I can not hear any sound even if I dial the knobs of GAIN and Volume to 5.
  7. Tom McDonald
    Tom McDonald Cragworth
    I know this is an older post. I have a JCM 2000 100 Watt Head and a 1936 Vintage Cabinet with original speakers and together I really like the sound. I play both an Eric Johnson strat and a 1970 Les Paul Deluxe with an original set of Bill Lawrence L-550 pickups. Different sound for each guitar but both are great. Wouldn't change a thing.
  8. Kirk Brykowski
    Kirk Brykowski
    In my day Marshalls were the industry standard for the professionals. We learned to use them.
  9. Tom McDonald
    Tom McDonald 30stringsandblackdog
    If you still have these Bill Lawrence Pickups I am interested. Please send photos. Thanks, Tom I look forward to your reply.
    1. 30stringsandblackdog
      Actually, I still have them and took photos last week...what is your email? I'll send them to you
      Aug 9, 2017
  10. The Creator
    The Creator Alex
    Hi Alex. Thanks for a great forum. Could it be possible to have a folder for each amp/cabinet in their sub forums? Like in folder "Marshall Amps" There should be a folder for every type of amp Marshall have made. This would be easier to look for and sort out all ideas and modifications that are done.
    1. ampmadscientist
      Aug 4, 2017
  11. Blues'n'Booze
    2555x has everything with 5751's & KT88's in it, loads of headroom & balls-to-the-walls
  12. Phill-Hill-Billy
    Hello... so happy to discover that site... CODE 25 owner since a few more 1 year... :-)
  13. amprx
    I'm available anytime. Thanks Pat. And Brad Whitfird has zero interest I'm my company..thx
    Hey everyone been gone a while. How ya all doing?
  15. liontato
    liontato Alex
    Alex, you probably haven't seen my post below yet. When you see this....just letting you know the promotefine ad is still plaguing the forum. It's basically a virus. Or feels like one. Thee is no way past it.
  16. rmroza
    rmroza Rick Lee
    Rick Lee - Can you send me the instructions for the 12000-series build please? -
  17. Bluesman420
    Another beautuful day took out mother board to check for cracks really easy night though
  18. Bluesman420
  19. Bluesman420
    Another day doing battle with my spider lil
  20. Trapland
    Trapland jgab
    I'd trade some tubes for that empty head box.