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Bernie Rico Jr. Black Friday Sale

Bernie Rico Jr. Guitars Proudly Announces

First Ever

Black Friday Sale!

Beginning @ 10:00 am this Friday, Bernie Rico Jr. will be blowing out the remaining stock of his Hybrid Vixen's.

So that means for those of you that missed out on the last promo, here's your chance to get in on the Hybrid action!

Each of these guitars have been meticulously inspected, setup and finished by Bernie Rico Jr. to his strict and exacting standards he is renown by artists around the world for.

You will not be disappointed!

Artists who have them can't believe that the Hybrid is not a USA custom shop masterpiece that's how good it is!

So here's the deal, rather than post a fixed price, Bernie thought it would be in your best interest to contact him directly for his best price quote over the phone or by email.

Why? Because now there are options to the Hybrid previously not widely advertised.

You can now have your own choice of custom painted bevels, bloodbath splatter, burst, custom color or any combination of these options…..and whatever else you can convince Bernie to change in order to customize the Hybrid to your specifications, how's that?!

Now certain restorations apply such as the availability of colors and options you have in mind and yes, there is an upcharge for options, but this will be between you, the artist, and Bernie Rico Jr., how cool is that?!

So enough of the pitch, call him or email him starting this Friday to get your dream Bernie Rico Jr. Guitar!!


if you don't hear back from Bernie, please leave a voice message or

Limited to stock on hand. Sale can end at any time.
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